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The 2018 Guide to Accessories for Prom Night
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The 2018 Guide to Accessories for Prom Night

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Stylists have been in the limelight giving their advice on accessories and fashion for prom night. Kimmie Smith, a well-known stylist and co-founder of Athleisure Mag has been on many major TV networks giving advice regularly on prom accessories. And, we are too. Introducing our 2018 Guide to Accessories for Prom Night.

Accessories for Prom 2018
Accessories for Prom 2018. Image Source: Life Of The Dogs

The Accessories for Prom Night Guide for 2018

5 Tips to Get You Ready for Prom Night

Before you get dressed for prom night, here are five tips you should always have in mind when choosing accessories for prom:

  1. It’s easier to pull your prom look together when you accessorize with a theme in mind. Your prom theme may be based on color or even a current fashion trend.
  2. Experiment with new ideas like introducing a new color to your prom accessories. You will definitely stand out if you wear a black dress or a neutral shade with sparkly jewelry pieces.
  3. Understand that prom accessories are more than just shoes, earrings, a clutch, etc… You can also augment your prom look with fashionable hair accessories or a brooch.
  4. The prom accessories you choose should be able to fit into your other day-to-day outfits. No sense in spending good money on accessories you’ll never wear again.
  5. Take into account what earrings look best with your prom hairdo. If you wear your hair swooped up, large statement earrings will bring attention to your face and makeup.

Accessories are very important when it comes to prom night. Yes the look of your prom dress is crucial. But do not forget that you are a whole package. So be sure to choose awesome jewelry and accessories for prom night.

Accessories for Prom: Choosing the Right Jewelry Pieces

Young Ladies at Prom Wearing Gorgeous Accessories
Young Ladies at Prom Wearing Gorgeous Accessories. Image Source: E Jewelry Guides

The most apparent accessories at prom are the jewelry pieces. It is important not to wear too much jewelry, as this takes away from the elegance of your look. A beautiful large piece of a jewelry may overwhelm the look of the dress.

Your prom jewelry will enhance your own personal classic, vintage, funky or daring style.  Even if you are used to wearing a lot of jewelry at once, on prom night you might want to downplay it.

Most prom dresses are designed to fit with minimal jewelry. A simple set of pearl earrings and a stylish pearl necklace will do the trick. You can also go for a classic strand of pearls.

Pearls are sexy, making them the perfect jewelry accessories for prom. And in 2018, they are no longer like your grandmother’s pearls. Young celebrities and reality TV stars are transforming the lustrous gemstones into trending gems.

Selena Gomez wore this pearl tweed jacket in her “Cordelia” role in Monte Carlo. Look how awesome tweed looks embellished in pearls.
Selena Gomez wore this pearl tweed jacket in her “Cordelia” role in Monte Carlo. Look how awesome tweed looks embellished in pearls.

Before deciding on the kind of jewelry you would wish to wear prom, you have to know the kind of look you are trying to go for on your big night. It is not a must to have diamond trinkets to enhance a dress. They are sometimes too expensive.

In this case, simple ribbons may come in handy. Be a little more creative. The same color of ribbon and dress can work for a finished look for your prom night. But a contrasting color will definitely make a bold statement.

The Purpose of Prom Accessories

You can easily do without the jewelry at the prom. The jewelry can then be replaced by prom hair accessories. This may be clips with Bavarian crystals or hair pins embellished with pearls.

Always think of accessories that serve a purpose along with adding prettiness to your look. Add a classy touch with a prom wrap. This may be a scarf, artificial hair or a formal cardigan. It all depends on the kind of look you want to portray on prom night. You can also try a shawl with a funky pattern.

Just remember, it may get chilly as the night goes on. So make sure to choose something that covers you up, while keeping you looking like a queen on prom night.

To finish your prom look, a purse or clutch is very important. It finishes the touch to a perfect prom outfit. As a young lady, it is necessary to carry certain items to the prom. Choose a purse that is easily portable.

You won’t want to be bothered with a bulky bag throughout the night. Only a few items are needed. It’s important to be comfortable and look good all night long. So be sure to choose the right accessories for prom night 2018.

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April 22, 2018 - By Abigael Shem
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