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8 Types of Jewelry Clasps to Keep Your Gems Safe & Secure
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8 Types of Jewelry Clasps to Keep Your Gems Safe & Secure

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It is just about the worst thing ever when you buy a new piece of jewelry and it falls apart. Even the most expensive gold and diamond jewelry can break because cheap, bad quality clasps are used. Take a look at each of the following types of jewelry clasps to identify what your jewelry uses and what could be a better alternative.

8 Jewelry Clasps & Closures Designed By Experts

1. Spring Ring Jewelry Clasps

Spring Ring Jewelry Clasp in Gold
Spring Ring Jewelry Clasp in Gold

Like its name says, this clasp uses a spring mechanism to keep your jewelry safe. When you move the small lever back, you are essentially compressing the spring to allow the tab to move into the ring. As soon as you remove your fingers from the lever it will spring back into place to secure your jewelry.

2. Fishhook Jewelry Clasps

Antique Silver Fishhook Jewelry Clasps
Antique Silver Fishhook Clasps for Jewelry. Image Source: Ali Express

Even though the fishhook clasp is not one of the most popular clasps it is incredibly glamorous. One end of the clasp is a typical metal hook while the other is a decorative oval. The hook goes into the oval shape just as a hook would go into a fish. It is very secure but difficult to use with one hand.

3. Lobster Jewelry Clasps

Lobster Clasp
Lobster Clasp

This is probably the most used jewelry clasp ever. It is called this because it literally looks like a lobster claw. When you push the lever down the claw will open, allowing the tab to enter the claw. When you release the lever the claw will become whole again, securing the jewelry tap in place. This is a great clasp for everyday jewelry up to medium weight.

4. Barrel Jewelry Clasps

Vinyl Necklace with Barrel Jewelry Clasp
Vinyl Necklace with Barrel Jewelry Clasp. Image Source: Etsy

Barrel Clasp- Barrel clasps are a little more difficult to use than other clasps. If you aren’t great with your hands you may need another person to help you put on a barrel clasp bracelet. The clasp consists of two small metal cylindrical pieces. One piece is like a screw and goes into the other piece by turning it in a clockwise direction. These clasps are often used in higher end jewelry.

5. Toggle Jewelry Clasps

Stainless Steel Heart Charm Cable Chain Necklace with Toggle Clasp
Stainless Steel Heart Charm Cable Chain Necklace with Toggle Clasp. Image Source: Amazon

A toggle clasp is often a part of the jewelry look. It is a large, obvious clasp which contains an open shape, ‘o’ and a bar or ‘t’ shape. The idea is to slide the bar or t shape into the circle and turn it so that the bar is locked on the other side of the open shape. These are not the best clasps for heavy or expensive jewelry as they cannot handle a great deal of weight.

6. S Hook Jewelry Clasps

S Hook Jewelry Clasp
S Hook Jewelry Clasp

If you look through your mother or grandmother’s jewelry box you are guaranteed to see a few pieces with s hook clasps. Jewelry with this type of clasp has two parts- an open end in the form of a circle and another end with an s shape that hooks into the circular part. These basic clasps are not only effective for high weight jewelry but also pretty cute.

7. Slide Lock Jewelry Clasps

Slide Lock Clasps for Jewelry
Slide Lock Clasps for Jewelry. Image Source: Fire Mountain Gems

This clasp is almost exclusively used for necklaces with multiple strings. All the strings of both ends of the bracelet or necklace are attached to two thin tubes. One tube is able to slide into the other one to lock and secure the jewelry. These clasps are especially useful for people with limited dexterity.

8. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Just like its name, these clasps are just magnets. The two ends of the jewelry with have two magnets are attracted to each other. These clasps come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and strength. Not only are they incredibly easy to work with but they are easy to use, making them ideal for older women.

The Pearl Source offers a wide variety of magnetic clasps for pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and other pearl jewelry.  These clasps have been massively successful, transforming into a new jewelry trend for 2018.

Not only do they keep your jewelry safely in place, but they make putting necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry on and taking them off much easier. Just place the magnets next to each other, and they clasps automatically snap in place.

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Find out more about the different types of clasps from our video below!

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March 12, 2018 - By Sasha Michaels
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