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Do Bad Girls Wear Pearls?
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Do Bad Girls Wear Pearls?

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Pearls have been reinventing themselves in the fashion accessory world. I’ve been fascinated with the way fashionistas think about pearls for quite a while now. And, with so many celebrities and reality TV stars donning the precious gems, I have to ask myself, “Do bad girls wear pearls?”

Personally, I’ve always had a problem with the term “good girl.” When I was coming up in the 70s, it meant “be seen and not heard.” Good girls were respectful and respectable. But, when you listen to the term, it gives the impression that these women should be quietly placed on a shelf to be adorned… as mindless creatures.

Where Do Bad Girls Wear Pearls?

These days, you see women wearing pearls on TV, on the Internet, in public places, and in fashion shows. You’ll see them worn casually in the grocery store. Women wear them at networking events and power meetings with clients. They can even be worn by bad girls on those daring nights out on the town.

Pearl jewelry comes in so many different styles nowadays. Because of this, some say these little gems can transform bad girls into good girls. Well, when you look at Mama Fratelli (Goonies), you’d have to disagree. She’s proof that bad girls wear pearls too!

Yes, Bad Girls Wear Pearls

One of my friends here in Las Vegas is always getting compliments from people. They say she’s so put together. However, between balancing a marriage, being a mom, having a career and keeping her home intact, she really doesn’t feel the same way. She constantly whispers, “They don’t know. It’s the pearls.” In other words, good girls wear pearls.

But, this same friend really knows how to let loose on a Saturday night. She’ll slap on her tiny black dress and stilettos to hit the hippest night club in town with the girls in a heartbeat. I love watching her transform into a bad girl, with her short-cut dress and cleavage showing.

Even as a nighttime woo-hoo girl, she strolls into the club with multiple strands of pearls on her neck, stackable pearl bracelets, large dangling pearl earrings and many, many oversized pearl rings on her hand. She even wears pearls to seduce her handsome husband on those oh so sexy nights (not her pictured below). Yes, bad girls wear pearls too!

My friend tells me that pearls can be worn by anyone, at any time. It doesn’t matter what style you have, what mood you’re in or how casual or formal the affair, pearl jewelry makes the perfect accessory pieces to make your outfit shine. By the looks of things, pearls can also transform good girls into bad girls.

Edgy Pearl Jewelry for Bad Girls

Looking for pearl jewelry that’s stylish, but adds a touch of edginess to your look? Well, we have some tips for you, because… bad girls wear pearls in 2017.

Pearl Jewelry with Garnet

Garnet is the January birthstone. It’s also the symbolic gem of the 2nd wedding anniversary. This red gem has historical popularity. A grave was discovered that dates all the way back to 3000 B.C. There, in the grave, was a young man wearing a necklace made of garnets. That’s over 5,000 years ago! That just goes to show just how durable and hard garnet gemstones are to this day.

Freshwater Pearl & Garnet Delilah Earrings – These pearl and garnet earrings are simplicity at its finest. They are elegant and classy and feature two white Freshwater pearls, 7mm in size. The AAAA quality gems are mounted in 14K gold, with a touch of red from the dazzling garnet gems.

Pearl Jewelry with Lavender Amethyst

Amethyst was worn in early times to protect those who wore the gems from drunkenness. Charms made of amethyst were worn by soldiers while in battle to quickly heal wounds and keep them calm. Today, gem experts suggest these precious gems will help you stay level headed when everyone else around you are losing their minds.

Freshwater Pearl & Amethyst Sophia Tincup Earrings – These pearl and amethyst earrings add chicness to your attire. Both 8mm Freshwater pearls are handpicked to ensure AAAA quality. You’ll admire the awesome overtones and beautiful luster. The white or pink pearls (your choice) are mounted in 14K, and feature dangling lavender amethyst gems.

Freshwater Drop Pearl & Amethyst Hailey Tincup Earrings – If chic is the look you’re going for, these amethyst and pearl drop earrings are it! The 8mm Freshwater pearls are drop-shaped and handpicked to ensure outstanding luster. Each white or pink pearl (your choice) is mounted in 14K gold, with accents of dangling, dazzling amethyst gemstones.

Pearl Jewelry with Blue Chalcedony

Chalcedony was believed to be a sacred stone by Native American Indians. Various tribes used these gems in spiritual ceremonies. They thought chalcedony increased endurance, stamina and vitality. These gemstones were used to promote clarity and emotional balance while relieving eye problems, fevers, gallstones and feelings of melancholy.

Freshwater Pearl & Chalcedony Sophia Tincup Earrings – These chalcedony and pearl earrings bring out the femininity in you. Both Freshwater pearls are 8mm in size and mounted in fine 14K gold. They were handpicked, so their AAA quality is guaranteed. And, the chalcedony gems are simply stunning.

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August 4, 2017 - By Kiesha Joseph
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