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Breathtaking 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Your Wife Will Truly Love
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Breathtaking 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Your Wife Will Truly Love

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As you know, the 30th wedding celebration is known as the pearl anniversary. Traditionally, this is the time when a husband goes out of his way to show his dedication by buying his wife pearls.

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While we offer many different gift ideas in this article, there’s no question that a strand of pearls is the quintessential 30th-anniversary gift that your wife will cherish for a lifetime. This is especially true considering pearls are symbolic of purity and loyalty, making them extremely meaningful as an anniversary gift. For a classic gift that you can’t go wrong with, browse through our fine selection of pearl necklaces.

But, not every woman wears pearls, no more than every man can afford them. There are other alternatives that are just as symbolic to the pearl wedding anniversary, which we’ll also cover below. 

12 Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Lucky Bride

Now, if you can afford to splurge on your wife of 30 years, by all means, do so. She’ll truly appreciate a piece of fine pearl jewelry. But, if you’re shopping for gifts for her on a budget, we have some affordable 30th anniversary gifts she’ll love, just because they’re so unique.

1. Lilies: The 30th Wedding Anniversary Flower

You simply must give her flowers for your anniversary. And, lilies are the official flower of the pearl wedding anniversary. So, send her a big bouquet of lilies to start the day off right. She’ll understand the symbolism right off the bat.

Lillies are the official flower of the 30th wedding anniversary.
Lillies are the official flower of the 30th wedding anniversary.

2. 30th Anniversary Memories Photo Album

This is a simple gift that’s filled with sentiment. These photo albums come embellished with faux pearls, and feature vibrant gold and silver metals. You can also have special messages from the heart engraved on the pearl-embellished frame.

Give her a 30th wedding anniversary album personalized by you!
Give her a 30th wedding anniversary album personalized by you! Album By: Heavy

3. Mother of Pearl Bowl

The Julia Knight collection features an exquisite looking tabletop bowl made of mother of pearl. She’d love to add this to her home décor.

Mother of Pearl Bowl from Bed Bath and Beyond.
Mother of Pearl Bowl from Bed Bath and Beyond.

It’s great for storing keys, jewelry, serving side dishes or snacks or as a simply tabletop piece. Her collection also features serving platters, vases and other mother of pearl pieces.

4. Diamond & Pearl Necklace

Let’s face it, women still love diamonds to this day, despite the majority of the world going green. What better way to gift her on your 30th than with a diamond necklace that features the 30th anniversary gem?

There are some amazing diamond and pearl necklace designs on the market these days. Or, have one custom-designed just for her.

5. Pearl Anniversary Perfume

It’s called the Estée Lauder Beautiful Eau de Parfum Pearl Anniversary Edition, and it is hot! This can serve as an alternative pearl anniversary gift or an addition to a slew of gifts.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Eau de Parfum Pearl Anniversary Edition
Estée Lauder Beautiful Eau de Parfum Pearl Anniversary Edition. Image Source: Amazon

Either way, she’ll appreciate the creativity that goes into buying a perfume created specifically for the 30th wedding anniversary. It combines the rich aromas of lilies, roses, orange and tuberose flowers. She’ll love this feminine, romantic scent chosen just for her.

6. Pearl Destinations

This is the gift of all gifts for the woman who loves to travel. There are some exotic vacation destinations and packages created specifically for couples celebrating their 30th anniversary. It will take some serious planning.

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort
Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort. Image Source: Royal Tulip Coxs Bazar

So, get started early to ensure that you both have a great time on your anniversary trip. Check out Pearl Destinations for 30th wedding anniversary vacation package details.

7. Drop Pearl Earrings

Does your wife have a wide range of styles? Does she wear huge hoop earrings one day, then diamond earrings with an animal theme the next? Then, for her, a tiny pair of traditional stud pearl earrings just won’t do. She needs something a bit more unique that makes her stand out.

Tahitian South Sea Drop Multicolor Pearl Tincup Earrings
 Tahitian South Sea Drop Multicolor Pearl Tincup Earrings. Image Source: The Pearl Source

A nice pair of drop pearl earrings in her favorite color will do the trick. And, if you want to take it up a few notches, upgrade to diamond and pearl drop earrings.

8. Pearl Headphones

Is your wife a music buff who walks around with headphones on all the time? Then, why not get her a pair of high-end, Beats by Dre-style headphones embellished with pearls? Not only do the headphones come in various colors, you can choose the pearl color of your choice too.

White Pearl Headphones with Black Gem
White Pearl Headphones with Black Gem

Have her pearl headphones customized with a romantic note engraved in the spirit of your 30th wedding anniversary. This is one unique pearl anniversary gift she’ll wear with pride.

9. Pearl Pendant Necklace

If your wife is not exactly a strand of pearls type of woman, there are numerous other types of pearl necklaces on the market. Just make sure the gem has brilliant luster and awesome surface quality.

Choose from various pearl pendant colors, shapes, sizes and styles. You can find pearl pendant necklaces featuring white gold, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and so much more!

10. Pearl Pin or Brooch

Pearl brooches and pins are common jewelry pieces, yet they make for very unique options as 30th wedding anniversary gifts. Surprise her with a gorgeous pearl brooch to pin on a scarf, jacket or new pearl handbag.

Platinum Panther Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl Brooch
 Platinum Panther Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl Brooch. Image Source: Pinterest

You can choose from a massive variety of styles. Or, simply have one custom designed for her featuring her favorite pearl color and a character, animal, initials or anything that’s symbolic of your endearment for her.

11. Pearl Ring

There’s nothing simple about a pearl ring these days. You’ll find pearl cocktail rings, solitaires, halo rings, pearl rings with other gems, etc… This South Sea Pearl & Diamond Annabelle Ring from The Pearl Source is simply stunning.

The white pearl is mounted in exquisite 18K white gold. It’s a high-quality gem with very high pearl luster, featuring .688 carats of diamonds surround the 30th wedding anniversary gem.

For an even more romantic touch, how about using her pearl anniversary ring to propose to her all over again? Now, I know she’d love that!

12. Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set

Ready to splurge on your beautiful wife for your most special wedding anniversary of all? Then, buy her a cultured pearl jewelry set, including a pearl necklace, pearl bracelet and a pair of pearl earrings.

Shop for Japanese Akoya White Pearl Set
 Japanese Akoya White Pearl Set from The Pearl Source.

She can wear the pieces together or sport them separately. Choose from many different pearl colors, sizes, shapes and styles including:


If you really want to send a statement to your wife through your 30th anniversary wedding gift, Hanadama pearl jewelry is the perfect choice. Hanadama pearls are considered to be of the highest quality, recognized for their one-of-a-kind luster (or glow). There is no doubt that this lavish gift idea will make your wife feel extremely appreciated and loved. Browse our Hanadama collection to find a gift your wife will treasure for a lifetime.  

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